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at Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan

Chang Chao-Tang was a high school student in 1959 when he borrowed his older brother’s Aires Automat 120 twin-lens reflex camera without much thought. He liked going for long walks with the camera after school; it eased the burden of his homework. Eventually, he found himself taking photos with the camera every day, photos of common people and places in Taiwan, like youngsters poking out of street corners or at beaches, farm animals, and dolls.

“Those images are so pure and innocent,” he said. “You can’t go back to that kind of feeling.”

Mr. Chang hardly suspected that he would grow up to become one of Taiwan’s most important photographers — in fact, he had such little regard for this kind of future that he did not even bother to save his negatives. Yet half a century later, these images have been in major exhibitions, including one that opens this week at the Gallery Tosei in Japan. (more info and pictures here)

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Indah Walsh in rehearsalTisch School of the Arts, NYU

Indah Walsh in rehearsal
Tisch School of the Arts, NYU